How does it work?

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  2. We have to know our customers (KYC) due to anti money laundering (AML) requirements. Therefore it can take some time from registration until you are able to trade. Sorry about that. We keep your personal information under the same security as we keep our bitcoin.
  3. You can now buy or sell.
  4. To buy you need to provide a bitcoin address and the amount of bitcoin you would like to buy. We will give you the best offer we can. When the offer is accepted you will get payment instructions, and we will transfer bitcoin as soon as the money are on our bank account. (Or there could be a delay of up to three days due to AML procedures.)
  5. To sell (simple version) you need to provide a bank account to receive the money to, and optionally a KID or a message to use for the bank transfer. (Yes, this means you can pay your taxes or credit card bill with bitcoin!). We will provide you with a bitcoin address to transfer the bitcoin to. You will get the exchange rate when bitcoin arrive to that address. Each time you send to an address, a new address will be created for the same account. We will transfer the money to the specificed account as soon as the transaction has been confirmed six times. (Or there could be a delay due to AML procedures.)
  6. You can use bitcoin to pay other bills as well. Use advanced sell for that. You will then get some more options, and can sell for an exact amount in NOK if you want to. Depending on market conditions the exchange rate may be a little bit worse to account for optionality.

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